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Power of Gameplay

Engrained since childhood, game-based experiences deliver deeper engagement than any other medium — across social networks, mobile apps, the web, and real life.

Gamification motivates people, connects them, and changes their behavior. For Organizational Performance. Skill Building. Education. Social Change. Brand Relationship Activation.

Play is how we learn. Games deliver experiences that last forever.

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Who We Are

"Game Thinking" is our lens to create connections that deliver sustained value for our clients in an always-connected age.

We use it to ask the right questions, and to challenge ourselves to create meaningful experiences that address the brand values, business goals, consumer behavior and cultural context in which our clients operate.

Game Thinking is a roadmap for navigating the human condition. Play is how we learn to master challenges. Play activates emotions and makes the dopamine flow.

As the original pioneer of games as a media platform — creating first-ever game-based learning platforms for several Fortune 100 companies and putting over 8 million branded games in play — clients benefit from our experience knowing what works and seeing what's next.

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What We Do

Brands activate, engage, and achieve greater return on marketing investment through our game-driven strategies and game-based deliverables and campaigns.

  • Brand Strategy and Activation
  • Employee Engagement
  • Learning Strategies and Content Development
  • Gamification Consulting
  • Game Development for Web, iOS and Android
  • Social Game Strategy and Development
  • Mobile Apps
  • Learning Games and Simulations
Digital Marketing
  • Mobile Site and App Development
  • Web Design and Development
  • Social Media Marketing and Campaign Services
  • SEO and SEM
  • Transmedia Concept Development
  • Assessment and Scoring Design
  • Programming and Porting
  • Turnkey Program Management, Hosting and Support


Games Know Where You Stand

What does the customer want? Is the employee a good fit? Integrated assessment instruments measure response and deliver actionable data.

The opportunity for marketers: ask the right questions, read the tea leaves, and respond intelligently.

Artificial Intelligence responds to player input, records decisions and evaluates skills, making the experience more real. As they learn to simulate life, games deliver the ultimate customer experience.

The games we create not only challenge... they learn.


"There's an App for That"

Digital Natives have set the new baseline.

Having grown up with PCs, games and interactivity, ubiquitous connectivity is standard for them. Now, half of them play social games every day. They have made Games the most vital art form of the 21st century, as film was of the 20th, as the novel was of the 19th.

Their worldview now drives business performance. These consumers require sophisticated digital brand experiences to engage. They want brand communications to be fun and playful. At work, social and collaborative experiences drive their performance.


Amplify the Brand Experience

"Gamification" uses game design techniques and mechanics to motivate people, engage audiences and solve problems.

Some gamification vendors consider game elements to be a kind of MSG you can just add to any interface, application or service to make it more fun, motivating and engaging.

Games are not fun because they're games,
but because they're well-designed.

Gamification is really a point of view. Marketers must see the brand experience as a self-led journey that satisfies the innate need to overcome challenges and to experience competence, through three key ingredients: motivation, mastery, and meaning


Offering rewards drives direct behavioral changes. Extrinsic motivation comes from outside an individual, inspired by rewards. Intrinsic motivation exists within an individual and derives from that person's engagement with the task.


The experience of being competent, of achieving something, is at the core of what makes any good game fun and engaging. Gamified experiences need to maintain engagement through being "fair" in how game mechanics such as challenges, rules, chance, rewards and levels are used.


To be effective, gamified applications have to connect to something that is already meaningful to the user. There has to be genuine value, interest, motivation. Meaningful opportunities: improve performance, help charities, lose weight, master a skill or achieve a significant task.


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